Click-N-Type Version History

 Since Version 3.03

'[370]  It makes little sense, but somehow our Navigation Keys (Arrows, Ins, Home, End, PgUp,
'       Pgdn and Del) do the wrong thing if Shifted while NumLock is on.  Brute force fix: Turn
'       Off/On NumLock around sending these keys.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.370 2/29/2008
'[371]  CNTAdmin failed to suppress recently used file menu entries because we were looking
'       for the wrong Feature Test entries.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.371 4/22/2008
'[372]  Code to handle being run from the Winlogon GINA more efficiently and correctly.
'       If the GINASTUB tries to start us more than once, on the "Winlogon" Desktop,
'       just go away (End) quickly.  Also, if a Previous Instance is found on a Logged-on
'       (Default) Desktop, while we're trying to run on "WInlogon", ignore it and
'       proceed normally.
'[373]  If running with Winlogon, give-up focus so users, especially AutoClick users, can
'       start to type to the Username/Password fields without clicking on them.
'[374]  Change the "Start the keyboard at Boot Up" Option to "Start the keyboard at User Logon"
'       to more correctly reflect what happens when the "Startup" group shortcut is executed.
' Release V3.03.374 11/30/2008
'[375]  Allow us to run Stand-alone and Stealth on a Portable Drive.
'       - Remember the APLdrive we came from.
'       - Use paths with a Meta-Device letter relative to APLdrive
'         (eg. {D:}\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Click-N-Type\Macros.mss
'         or {D:}\Click-N-Type\AppData\QWERTY101-short.cfg in-place of our Drive Letter).
'       - Set the Portable flag if a "Portable.*" file exists.
'   If Portable {
'       - Change the %AppData% path to the \AppData subdirectory.
'       - At Load time, write any existing registry settings to oldCNTSettings.txt,
'         delete our key if it exists read Registry settings from CNTSettings.txt.
'         At Close time, write our settings to CNTSettings.txt, delete our key and
'         Read it back from oldCNTSettings.txt if not empty.
'       - Disable any options that create shortcuts to run us.
'   }
'[376]  Fix things that confuse other Word Prediction programs like WotdQ, Co:Writer, etc..
'       - Stop setting focus rectangle to a control for looks.
'       - Major rework. - Perform scheduled Simulated Mouse Events at clock level.
'         Other assistive programs, like WordQ, get confused if we actually "send"
'         mouse messages to Controls, so just call their Event Routines from tmrSME.
'[377]  Now that there are no more focus rectangles on any visible controls, our Macro
'       ToolTips no longer display when we're not active.  We have to create Tooltips
'       with TTS_ALWAYSTIP set, using API calls.  Make the ToolTipPut routine to use our
'       CTooltip Class Module to create/modify/destroy Tooltips.
'[378]  WordQ still gets confused with the first key sent from Scan Mode.  Make sure
'       sure we activate the target as soon as we enter or reenter Scan Mode, or enter
'       AutoClick.
'[379]  Allow Hiding an any of the 4 monitor edges rather than just "Drop and Hide".
'       Note: There still many references to "Down" and "Up" while Hiding, including variable
'       names.  These should be taken to mean "Hiding at any edge" or "Not Hiding" respectively.
'[380]  Fixed slightly strange behavior or "Save As..." dialog that's been a bug since [171].
'       We left hooks on and timers enabled while the Dialog was showing.
'Released V3.03.380 - 3/17/2009
'[381]  After the /IX:N Switch, we needed to test the target title to prevent setting another
'       instance of ourself as the target.  It was too general, and we couldn't talk to any
'       window beginning with 'Click-N-Type".  Change the test to be: An exact "Click-N-Type"
'       match, or begins with "Click-N-Type >", of begins with "Click-N-Type ("<
'       or begins with "Click-N-Type[".
'[382]  If the user turned off "Show window contents while dragging", the mouse could move the
'       form's outline but leave the actual form, while moving or resizing.  Make MouseDownOnUs
'       to lock out AutoHiding while doing this.  This can only be made to work when "Use
'       System Hooks" is on.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.382 4/6/2009
'[383]  Require the Exact Match in [381] to also be a VB6 application.
'[384]  Make the Titlebar become semi-transparent on RollUp so it's even less obtrusive.  Make
'       the "RollUpOpacity:nnn command-line switch so users can adjust the transparency of the
'       Titlebar while Rolled-up.  The opacity is constrained to 30<=nnn<=255.
'       Also, Remove from Taskbar if Icon In the Tray, while Rolled-Up, just like other
'       forms of Hiding.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.384 4/152009
'[385]  We supported the 102nd key on European keyboards with K-81 defined by CNTDesigner.
'       Japan uses a 105 key keyboard but only needs 102.  MS has redefined the
'       "Portuguese (Brazilian-ABNT2)", [Now just called ABNT], to have a 103rd key, making
'       it easier to type the "/" and "?" characters.  We have added 8 more possible keys
'       and can now support up to 110 key keyboards, should MS really go bonkers.  Changes
'       were made to the following, in addition to CNT itself:
'       - CNTDesigner V2.1.18 to write possibly 8 more entries to Version 3 .cfg files
'         for K-83 through K-90, the 103rd through 110th key.
'       - MakeUKeys2 of the Language Development Package. write Version 2.02 Ukeys.txt
'         files that can assign VKC's to K-83 through K-90 (103rd through 110th) keys.
'       - Two new layouts QWERTY103-short.cfg and QWERTY103-long.cfg to be distributed in
'         the Brazilian LP rather than QWERTY102 layouts.  A new Ukeys.txt and Strokes.kmp
'         for Brazil.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.385 5/3/2009
'[386]  Some Touchscreens generate a Right-Click by holding your finger down.  This can make
'       our Right-Click-Shift feature annoying to some.  Make a /NoRightClickShift command-line
'       switch to disable the feature.
'[387]  The CSng function can't convert UKeys.txt Version numbers, like "2.01", to a single
'       precision number 2.01 because it's "2,01" in Europe.  Treat the minor version (i.e.. "01")
'       as a separate Integer.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.387 9/21/2009
'[388]  Eliminate the last "Font" call to COMDLG32.OCX by calling the .DLL directly.
'[389]  Eliminate the "Color" call to COMDLG32.OCX by creating ColorPicker.bas to call
'       the COMDLG32.DLL directly.
'[390]  Eliminate the last calls to COMDLG32.OCS for "Open" and "Save As...".  We now
'       call functions in "OpenSave.bas" that calls COMDLG32.DLL functions directly.
'       We no longer need COMDLG32.OCX.
'[391]  Something funny about the default directory for the "Open" dialog on "Win-7.
'       InitDir doesn't like the "Start Menu" virtual directory returned using CSIDL_COMMON_STARTMENU.
'       Get the "%USERPRIFILE%\Start Menu" string from the registry if possible.  If it isn't there,
'       use the CSIDL_COMMON_STARTMENU value for older systems.
'Released V3.03.391 12/29/2009
'[392]  Menus could fail to trigger after clicking between keys.  Reset the Control the mouse
'       is over, to "Nothing", after scheduling a Simulated Mouse Event (SME), for it.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.392 1/30/2010
'[393]  Add the square Speedy.cfg layout to the basic installation.
'[394]  Some Win-7 installations won't honor SWP_NOACTIVATE.
'[395]  Win-7 is very unforgiving of time spent in LL Hook professing, especially when
'       it's bogged down (as is the case a lot).  Move all API calls, including SendMessage,
'       to a higher level, or clock level.
'[396]  Don't send any keys for the Right-Click-Alt = AltGr trick.
'[397]  Something about Win-7 holds the Clipboard open at unpredictable times.  Just ignore any error
'       trying to store buffer text on the Clipboard when the Buffer button's released.  Hardly ever
'       used these days anyway.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.397 2/15/2010
'[398]  When uninstalling the CNT Registry keys, Just delete the Entire
'       [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Click-N-Type]
'       in case any bogus subkeys ever got created during a crash.
'[399]  If we were hiding and displaying the Tray icon rather than the Taskbar
'       button, every time we become the last visible window, Windows makes us
'       Foreground and re-inserts our button on the Taskbar.  Check for this in
'       tmrTracker and re-remove our Taskbar button.
'[400]  A Vista bug sometimes prevents CNT from setting itself as "Always On-Top"
'       when run at Logon.  Fix: Set On-Top again 5 seconds after startup.  This
'       can cause us to cover Start Menus, Context Menus or other things we shouldn't,
'       one time after we start, but is the only workaround for Vista, and shouldn't
'       be very noticeable.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.400 10/21/2010
'[401]  Two problems with normal "Activation" at startup:
'       1) People who launch CNT from another app have to give themself focus
'          again after we start.
'       2) The Win-7 Task Scheduler does not Activate us when it starts us.
'       Solution:
'           For (1):  Always make the keyboard Visible, without focus, from the Load Event.
'           Thus, eliminating the Activate Event at startup.  Move all the code from the
'           Activate Event to a 5ms timer that we start at the end of the Load Event.
'           This code executes only once as soon as the form is Visible and Not Minimizes
'           to do things that can't be done earlier.
'           For (2):  Eliminating the First Activate code above, solves this also.  Except
'           for the strange phenomenon that Win-7 will not allow us to put our form OnTop if
'           we've created a Tooltip before the form is made Visible.  So, create the
'           design-time Tooltips in XltDesigntimeTooltips, and call it after making the
'           form Visible and placing it OnTop.  Also, no more need for [373] to give-up
'           focus anymore at Logon time, because we never start with focus.  Note also,
'           the "Start Minimized" code had to be moved to the bottom of the Load Event,
'           after the SW_SHOWNA and OnTop calls.
'[402]  Give focus to the target when Restored from Minimized so you can see where
'       you're going to type to.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.402 11/22/2010
'[403]  Since SmartNav makes it so hard to disable their Dwell Clicker when our AutoClick
'       is in use, we are now also ignoring clicks on our Shift keys and the Buffer button
'       when AutoClick and LL Hooks are enabled.  We can't trap these clicks if LL Hooks
'       are disabled though.
'[404]  No need to ever hide from the Taskbar if we're not OnTop.
'       Also, add the /CoverTaskbar command-line switch to never run away from the Taskbar
'Maintenance Release V3.03.404 11/29/2010
'[405]  Made the keyboard come back from AutoHide or AutoRollup when the mouse passes over
'       an active blinking insertion pointer (Caret).  This feature works somewhat different
'       in MS Office programs because they don't use real MS carets.  The feature does not
'       work at all with some programs, like Firefox, but it's handy when typing to normal
'       well behaved application.
'[406]  Some modal Applets, displayed from other applets, sometimes appeared behind their creator.
'       This may be a Windows or VB bug uncovered by edit [401].  Fix: Move the creating applet
'       to the back of the ZOrder before "Showing" the new modal form.
'[407]  Make [405] an optional Check Box in the AutoHide and AutoRollup applets, and make it
'       default to off.
'[408]  Some informational messages are meant as tutorial messages, but get tiresome after
'       you learn how things work.  Make them go away after 3 times.  Also, add the
'       "Reset all messages" menu item to "Options" restore such messages to visibility.
'Released V3.03.408 01/06/2011
'[409]  Add the /ScanLineWidth:nn Command-Line switch to adjust the Scan Mode line thickness
'       of the single switch scan lines from their default of 2 pixels to a maximum of
'       15 pixels.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.409 3/26/2011
'[410]  Make all 3D buttons/keys look flat if not the same color
'       as the form (3D Object background).
'Maintenance Release V3.03.410 6/11/2011
'[411]  Added support for the {LWIN} = Left-Windows, {RWIN} = Right-Windows and
'       {APP} = <Application> Meta-keys in string and macros. These send a standard
'       Key-down/key-up sequence.  To modify a key with the Windows key, use #<key>,
'       as #r to start the "Run box".
'Maintenance Release V3.03.411 9/24/2011
'[412]  If the mouse pointer simply passes over our tray icon, while in AutoClick mode,
'       restore the keyboard from its minimized or hiding state.  Don't let an AutoClick
'       user get stuck Minimized and not in the Tray.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.412 12/31/2011
'	There was a problem installing on Win-9x systems.  The installation procedure was
'	changed for CNTzip.exe with no visible change to users.  Some add-ons install
'	files ware change from .exe to .msi files.
'Maintenance release 6/27/2012
'[413]  Shifted macros were not being stored correctly in the registry.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.413 11/7/2012
'[414]  Add the {DELAY} Meta key to delay sending for 1 second.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.414 1/3/2013
'[415]  W7 is too slow for us to do <Shift><Del> to delete a file bypassing the Recycle Bin
'       when we send <Shift-Down><Del-Down><Del-Up><Shift-Up>.  So, make an exception for
'       <Del> and never send <Shift-Down> or <Shift-Up> except when the <Shift> key is toggled.
'Maintenance Release V3.03.415 10/27/2014

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