Point-N-Click Description

Virtual Mouse from some really nice people:
If you've used or heard about the Click-N-Type AutoClick feature, you know that we realize there are many people who have the manual dexterity to move a mouse, trackball or other pointing device, but do not have the fine motor skills to actually click a mouse button.  To address this need AutoClick was introduced to give such individuals the ability to type on the Click-N-Type keyboard.  The problem is that a virtual keyboard is limited to typing.  Someone else has to set things up for you because Windows requires mouse clicking. To remedy this situation, a long time friend has come to the rescue! Point-N-Click is now being offered by Polital Enterprises LLC.  This "virtual mouse" now gives the user the ability to control all of the Windows functions that require mouse buttons.  If you have difficulty with mouse button clicking, you'll no longer need someone to assist you in setting up your applications.  Now, you can start and stop programs, drag things around, access menus, access the Taskbar, play games, use ALL the features of Click-N-Type and more.  In short just go have a ball!  For anyone who has difficulty with mouse clicking, Point-N-Click is the ideal solution.  It was designed to complement Click-N-Type, but functions excellently on its own.  Yes, it's also totally FREE.  We thank the good people at Polital Enterprises LLC for their hard work and generosity.
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