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Q-1. How do I type a URL into my web browser?
Q-2. How can I change the size of the key characters?
Q-3. Can you make the Shift key a one-time CAP?
Q-4. Can I put special symbols on several key faces?
Q-5. Can I make the Word Prediction font bigger?
Q-6. Does the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard work on Windows-XP?
Q-7. Is there a version I can get that runs on Windows 3.1?
Q-8. Can I get a Click-N-Type for the MAC?
Q-9. Can I still use my real keyboard?
Q-10. How much space will the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard require?
Q-11. Can I have the source code?
Q-12. Is scanning keyboard available?
Q-13. Can the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard launch another window at startup?
Q-14. Can it highlight keys as the mouse passes over them?
Q-15. Can I type in another language on my United States system?
Q-16. Can I use International characters occasionally?
Q-17. How can I use Word Prediction without Click-N-Type?
Q-18. Why do colors change when I type on some systems?
Q-19. Can I type in my user name and password?
Q-20. Can I type Ctrl+Alt+Del?
Q-21. Can I hold down a key to make it repeat?
Q-22. Can I have more or different Macros?
Q-23. How can I type my own specially designed characters?
Q-24. Can you recommend a Head Pointer?
Q-25. Can I prevent users from removing Click-N-Type?
Q-26. About Keyloggers?

Some frequently asked questions and answers.
How do I type a URL into my web browser?  When I try typing into the Internet Explorer address field, I only see the last character I typed.
A. - Use Buffered Mode.

Note: This work-around is not needed if you are running NT4(Sp3), Win-2000, Win-XP or newer.

The symptom is whenever you click a key, the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard takes focus.  When it returns focus to Internet Explorer, the Internet Explorer decides to re-select the entire text you just typed.  This causes you to never be able to type more than 1 character into the "Address:" field.

This kind of behavior is what Buffered Mode is for.  It is also the main reason why the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard was written, since we could find no other reasonably priced virtual keyboard that addressed the problem.  I suggest you read the Help section under "Typing with the Virtual Keyboard > Buffered Mode Typing" for all the details and possibilities.

Basically, it's pretty simple:
Depress the Buffer button.
Type the web address into the buffer using the Click-N-Type keys.  Don't forget the Enter at the end.
Click in the "Address:" field of Internet Explorer.
0.8 seconds later, your web address will be transferred to Internet Explorer, the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard will minimize and you will be taken to the web page you typed.

If you still have any problems, you should make sure you have "Use inline AutoComplete for Web addresses" turned off in your Advanced Internet Explorer options.

Note: If you are an AutoClick user, you will never see this happen, because the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard never needs to take focus.

How can I change the size of the characters displayed on the keyboard?
The default font for characters on the key faces if "MS Sans Serif 12-point Bold."  You can change this default, for the alphabet keys (A-Z) by changing the font attributes from "Options | Keyboard | Customize Alphabet...".  Keep in mind however, if you resize the keyboard to a point where these characters will no longer fit, the font size is reduced to 8-point non-bold.

If you wish, any or all keys may be replaced with Customized Key-Caps.  These are just graphic images (pictures).  The Click-N-Type help system describes the creation of these graphic files in detail.

Can you make the Shift key a one-time CAP rather than a SHIFT-LOCK key as you have it now?
Use the "Options | Keyboard Preferences...".  Then turn off the "Shift, Ctrl and Alt stay Down until released" option.  You may also just right click a key to type in the opposite shift state.
I want to put special symbols on several key faces.  Can I do this?
The same procedure as the second option above.  Any or all keys may be replaced with Customized Key-Caps.  These are just graphic images (pictures).  The Click-N-Type help system describes the creation of these graphic files in detail.
The words in the Word Prediction window are too small.  Can I make them bigger?
Use the "Prediction | Set Prediction Window Font..." menu option to choose a font, size and style used the Prediction Window.  Of course, as you make the font size bigger, you may need to increase the window size so everything fits.
Does the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard work on Windows-XP?
Yes.  Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP.
Is there a version I can get that runs on Windows 3.1?
No.  The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard is a 32-bit application that requires Windows 95 or higher.
Can I get a Click-N-Type for the MAC?
No.  The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard is very closely tied to the MS Windows operating system.  We were recommending KeyStrokes.  It's a very good program and was being offered at a reasonable price.  They have now quadrupled the price of the version that runs on the latest operating system, so we unfortunately have no suggestions.  We have also heard some good comments about Touchstrokes.  The price seems high but the user found it on sale at the time.  If anyone knows more than we do, please let us know.
If I install the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard will I still be able to use my real keyboard?
Yes, of course! Grin
How much space will Click-N-Type require on my system?
By itself, the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard uses 922KB of Disk space.  Installation of additional features and add-ons can require several more Megabytes of disk.  Click-N-Type uses 2.3MB of RAM that can grow to 3.3MB when Word Prediction is enabled.
Can i have a source code to develop the actual keyboard? Please send me as soon as possible.
Do have any plans to make the application usable via switches, in a scanning mode?
Scanning Mode is available with Version 2.02 and later.  Scan Mode is designed for anyone who lacks the ability to move the mouse pointer with any pointing device. You may use the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard to type, if you have access to at least one mouse, or trackball, button or a switch wired to be in parallel with a mouse or trackball button.  You use a single switch to activate a key when it's in the cross hairs.  See the Help file for detailed explanation, and an explanation of the "Scan Mode Settings" applet.
Can I start the window I want to type into every time I start Click-n-Type?
The "Launch an Application at Startup" option in the "Program Preferences" applet, allows the user to specify such an application.  A dialog box allows you to find program shortcuts starting at your "Start" button's folder.  More sophisticated users may change from "Program Shortcuts" to "All Files", and navigate to the actual executable or document file to start.  Whenever the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard starts, it will attempt to open this choice.
Is it possible to have "hover highlight" where the key highlights when the mouse if over the key?
By choosing "Options | Keyboard Preferences..." and checking the "Identify Keys when Mouse Moves Over them" option, each key will light up as you pass the mouse pointer over it.

Using this option together with the "Use Custom Colors" option, you can control the color used to highlight the keys.

This option may also be used in conjunction with one of the "Speech" options to make the key be spoken at the as it is highlighted.

I'm trying to learn Spanish (or other language) and downloaded the Language Pack.  I see everything in Spanish but it types in English.  So how can I get it to type SPANISH?
A virtual keyboard cannot just make characters appear.  The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard uses your current keyboard driver to send "Keystrokes" to a window.  To use a Language Pack on a system other than the one it is native to, you must add the keyboard for the given language, using the  "Keyboard" icon in your Control Panel.  You may then choose the "keyboard language" using the new language icon in you System Tray.  Be sure to set BOTH Click-N-Type and the target application to use the same language keyboard.
I have to use European characters occasionally, like Ü, À, etc...  I would rather not install a foreign language keyboard.  Is there anything I can do?
One simple way is to create single character Macros.  Type the <Alt>+nnnn Number Pad sequence into the buffer by hand one time.  Then store the character on a key as a Macro.  Whenever you want that character, in the future, simply depress the Click-N-Type <Alt> (or <Macro>) key, and click the appropriate key.  You may also middle-click the key on a three button or wheel mouse.
How can I use your Word Prediction without Click-N-Type for regular typing on my keyboard?
You can't.  Our Word Prediction and Completion feature only works with characters typed with the Click-N-Type keyboard.  We do not intercept keys typed on your physical keyboard.
I see lots of things change color and flash every time I click a key.  What can be done about this?
Recent changes to the way Windows handles colors together with some programs that require their own private color palette, has caused Windows to take excessive time adjusting colors whenever programs switch focus on a system set to use a 256 color depth.  Focus changes every time you type a Click-N-Type key.  If possible, we recommend you run your display at "High Color (16-bit)" or "True Color" settings.
My system requests a User name and Password.  Can I type them using Click-N-Type?
If security is not really a problem in your case, we recommend eliminating the request for Password, by changing it in the Control Panel, or setting automatic log-on using TweakUI.

For those who really need to use CNT for network log-on.  Good News.  CNT can be run as a service and be used to log onto your network.  The Bad News is that you will probably need help to set it up.  We strongly recommend that you contact your System Administrator with the following information.

For Windows NT.  CNT can be set up as a service using SRVANY from the NT Resource Kit.  This will require your System Administrator to set it up.

For 2000 Pro XP Pro users.  The procedure involves using the Group Policy Editor to run a copy of CNT at Logon time.  To set this up, download or from this site.  Extract it's files to any temporary folder, double click CNT-Startup.hlp and follow the instructions.

For Windows 95 / 98 / ME users.  CNT can be set up as a service by creating a RunServices entry in the system registry.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE DONE WITHOUT FIRST SAVING THE REGISTRY!  It would be best to have this done by someone experienced with modifying the registry.

The following key must be added:
"CNT"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Click-N-Type\\Click-N-Type.exe\""

Click here for the latest detailed information regarding this question.

Again we strongly recommend that this be only done by someone with experience modifying the registry and only after saving the registry.

How can I type to the Desktop to move amongst desktop icons? I also want to type Ctrl+Alt+Del to control the Task Manager.
Normally virtual keyboards can only send keystrokes to windows.  However, by setting "Options > Keyboard Preferences... > Allow Sending Keys to Desktop" you may communicate with the Desktop, Program Manager and the Taskbar.  Note however, Windows will not allow you to use the Ctrl+Alt+Del ever.
Can I hold down a key to make it repeat like on a real keyboard?
No.  In order for the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard to send a keystroke to another window, it has to make it the current foreground window.  This cannot happen until you release the mouse button.  Keys can be made to Auto Repeat an AutoClick mode however.  Simply hover over the key after the first key is sent.
When I enter macros in one keyboard (or delete macros), they also appear in (or disappear from) the other keyboards. Is there any way to have different macros in different keyboards?
Macros are assigned to keys.  When you design a new layout, you are designing a different arrangement of those keys.  Hence, any macro associated with a key will remain with that key.  However, you may write and read Macro Snapshot files.  Use the "Macros | Save Macros As..." to save a macro set.  You may "Import" the Macro Set of your choice regardless of the arranged layout, with "Macros | Load Macros..."..
How can I use Click-N-Type to type my own specially designed characters?
The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard can only use fonts that are currently installed on your system.  You need to look into ways to create fonts, or have someone make one for you.
My daughter can't move a mouse or trackball at all.  Can you recommend a Head Pointer?
We have no direct experience with their product, but I've heard lots of good things about the NaturalPoint trackIR AT.  This uses an IR device mounted on the monitor.  The product is made by Eye Control Technologies, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon.  The system works by using a webcam sized device that sits on the top of the user's monitor to track a small reflective sticker attached to the user's forehead, glasses, or headset.  You can check at

There are several similar products for people with disabilities on the market (see Madentec Tracker 2000, Origin HeadMouse, Boost Tracer), but most sell for $1500-2000.  This product sells for $129.00 in the basic model and $300.00 with all accessories and features.  We only know what we've heard and do not endorse any.

I don't want users to be able to remove Click-N-Type.  Can I hide the "Uninstall Click-N-Type" option?
Place a file called "NoRemove.txt" in the Click-N-Type installation folder.  It doesn't matter what the file contains.
About Keyloggers?
Please click here.

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